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Technology should only exist to make human life and experience better, not replace them in anyway.


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D. Bonates

Mobile Lead at Banco Next | Apple Developer, Mobile Tech, Former CIO, CTO Peixe Urbano/Delivery Much

FourSys/Banco Next - Mobile Leader

I joined the Next Bank project in Dec/21 through the company Foursys. Initially, my proposal was to code as a senior iOS developer and help other developers. However, after the first deliveries, I was called by a manager and asked about helping another team like Tech Lead Mobile by delivering code and boosting the performance on iOS and Android solutions while working side by side with other teams within the squad. The plan has worked and since then I am in this position helping the team in our goals and improvements in our solutions and performance.


Delivery Much - Technology Director

This challenge was a pontual and strategic movement. I was hired to help scale the business, using my previous experience with Peixe Urbano and other companies. As an Executive, in practice I worked as CIO, CPO and CTO, different from my work exclusively as CTO at Peixe Urbano. I like to say that at DM I had freedom and some important opportunities for my self and career, such as leading a team of Directors and Heads in the High Potential Companies Program, invited by Stone Pagamentos (DM's shareholder company), where I had the opportunity to work and learn a lot with Bob Dorf and other high level professionals, in a robust event and environment that lasted for 2 months. I reinforced the engineering leadership with great peoples with huge previous experience on that. We've reduced the high turnover at the time since my first day. I set up a Product team with strong people in the market, and with high execution capacity, and that led us to great results. I reactivated and directed important projects for the company's growth so that it could actually be launched on the market and we generated an efficient roadmap; we established a workflow that efficiently impacted not only the Technology area but also other areas of the company. We have improved the flow of communication between areas by placing technology team as a protagonist alongside the others. I created a technology support area, optimizing our SLA and paving the way for the birth of Product Operations in the company. We implemented a Product Marketing management, through which we had events and documents widely publicized internally, allowing everyone to take part in what happened in our routine of development and product launches. I opened the way for the development of the company focusing on scale, according to the initial objective. All this including metrics that gave us status and direction, and for that I established and followed 3 axes, on which I guided myself from day one: Distribution (scale), Product (service, quality, churn) and Service (nps, ltv, cac , churn). That's what I did there.

Jun/2016 - Jan/2021

Peixe Urbano - iOS Developer, CTO

I joined as a iOS Mobile Specialist because I wanted to dedicate myself full to iOS and there I saw a huge field of opportunities. I had a chance to build the Mobile team I did it. Then we desinged the strategy for our apps (more than one) aiming to be the best in its category. With our results we managed to get of Apple attention, and they provided us a member guy dedicated to follow us on our roadmap. This leads me to more responsibilities, later becoming CTO of a large and complex platform, with a number of approximately 65 team mates. I moved from Rio de Janeiro to Florianópolis to follow the company's expansion plans. Later we've were merged with Groupon Company becaming a Latin America company, not only Brazil, increasing even more my scope and responsibility. as CTO, I've drived my decisions in sync with the company plans, guiding the performance and execution of the technology team. Tasks at this time was stuff like monitoring of platforms and servers heatlth and alerts, security, periodic review and optimization of our servers at AWS, our physical database infrastructure at Rackspace, email servers at Connectria, various portals and applications. Aligned all actions of the technology team, always keeping our map updated, both in terms of resources and execution strategies. I also worked hard in communication with other areas of the company, since Technology was the core of everything Peixe Urbano. Actively participated in the construction of the Product Roadmap, alignment meetings and also recruitment and selection. Worth tyo mention that I've worked on a lot of M&A meetings presenting our technologies.

A full presentation of Peixe Urban Technology can be found here.


Ayugate - Co-founder, CTO

I was invited to be a co-founder partner of this company but joined as Strategic CTO, helping to build and support the technology team (Engineering, Product and Platform ). Was a great opportunity to get involved with fintechs, since banks as a service was a core feature in the business plan. The company now is upping and running and have more than 40 employees, is growing rapidly and is very healthy in all aspects.


QRTraining - Co-founder, CTO

Another startup I was invited to work on this project but at ended being co-founder. We started the QRTraining platform from scratch, including structuring the solution as a Product , infrastructure (using Google Cloud Platform), web application and iOS and Android mobiles native apps. For this I set up a very small team with one dev on each node. Also in the pilot project, of the 20 largest companies in the pharma industry, 11 had already signed a contract to use the platform for a period of 2 years. At the turn of the year I made the decision to leave the company to dedicate myself on another project.


Enjoei.com - Mobile iOS Engineer

This was my first dedicated work with marketplace app and platfrom, and dealing with a large technology team. It was very intense, even though I was working only as an iOS developer, specializing in the Apple platform. I left to dedicate my self to Peixe Urbano app.


ID Projetos Educacionais - Development Manager

At ID, a corporate education company, I was director of educational technologies, continuing my work at the previous company. My relationship with the company was healthy and I could develop other parallel work fronts so I got involved in some other projects as a freelancer, always mobile. At ID I took care of the technology area and, due to the nature of the market, I only served large companies, for example: Vale, BR Distribuidora, Petrobras, Gerdau, White Martins etc. I directed both content production and the deployment of the platform (Learning Management System) in the clients' infrastructure. I helped to form multidisciplinary teams (Tech, Pedadogos, MKT) and helped in the development and support of the platform we used as a base. Even though I left the company, I continued with a contract to continue a robust infrastructure project for our platform with the company Sapura Navegação Marítima. I left the company due to scheduling issues.


Affero - Development Manager

This company started inside PUC (University in Rio de Janeiro), delivering corporate education solution to several large companies. After 6 months with the company I became a development manager. That's when I had my first experience of merging companies. The 3 largest companies in the country in the field got together and then Affero was born, the largest in Latin America and I was chosen to take over the area of ​​Development in Educational Technologies. I was responsible for the content development team (web technology most of the time, but also Desktop applications), which were the online courses and related technologies, in addition to the platform where the courses ran, both a service and those that were installed in the infrastructure of the customers.



I joined the company as a graphic designer, there I had my first professional challenges as leadership of a team that was on average twice my age. But everything worked out and I managed to fulfill myself. The company had a lot of Apple resources and technology, and there I developed my self, I almost lived in the company, days and nights studying and discovering programming, and that was when I entered the computer science college, a course that I ended up not completing. I left to set up my own business, developing desktop, games and web applications in partnership with some companies I met along the way.

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